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The Application Form...

Gemma leads you to another small cavern. You spy a desk, papers and an array of feather quills.

"There were two ways to adopt a dragon from the Sanctuary," she calmly says, "However, the adoption form suddenly had problems getting to Dragonmaid, because of the little messenger lizards that flew them to her suddenly were overloaded and went on strike. So, the only way to apply for a Sanctuary Dragon, at present, is to email Dragonmaid with all the categories listed far below. If you adopt more than one egg, you must fill two (or more) forms/emails out - sorry."

"At any rate, we are not accepting any adoption applications at present, because there are not enough little dragons for the amount of really amazing parents. This has never happened at the Sanctuary before, and so a contingency plan had not been put into place. So, the only thing that was available was to shut down for a while. You can stil email Dragonmaid with your interest, or alternatively, you can join this list, and when things are settled down, she will contact you and you will be able to apply properly."

"Here are the categories that you must include in your email if you are choosing not to fill out the form, or can't because it's not working at present:"

Your Url's (Homepage's) name:
Url (Homepage Address):
Dragon's Exact Url:
The Dragon's name:
The egg colour you chose:
(check the eggs page)
The name you chose under: Fyre(whatever)
choices are Fyrefate, Fyrejewel, Fyregold and Fyrespirit
The gender you would like:
Would you object to having a dragon with a disability?
additional comments: (optional) also, any special markings - flowers perhaps

"Happy adoption!!"

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