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Dragonmaid's Sanctuary

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© Lynnette Faggotter 1998-2000

Welcome to the new look - and new format Sanctuary Adoptions. Due to time contraints and the obvious lack of time I had to do personalized dragons for everyone who applied - I had over 400 applications - I've sadly turned this site into a save-your-own dragon page.

You now have the option to save your own Fyredragon from several lists of many types and families. New and individual looking ones will be posted occasionally - like special occasion Chirstmas and new years dragons but no where near as often as originally made all those years ago!

A BIG apology to all that applied for a dragon and didn't get one, and all those who I promised dragons to a while back and then never got back to, the rigours of University life and the stress of having no money to pay for online time got the better of me. And even though I regret it, it had to happen, sadly.

If you would like to recieve VERY periodic messages and special dragons from this website, then you can join this list!

Don't forget, when you adopt a dragon to use one of the "sanctuary dragons" icons below to link back to this website! But apart from that, please enjoy, don't forget to OBEY the rules and copyright, and feel free to wander as freely around as you wish! *bg*

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