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The Mating Scripture...

Gemma sits you down on a large rock. Surprisingly, it is pleasantly warm and comfortable.

"Not long ago, Dragonmaid went on a little trek - well, not little really, but all the same. She stumbled across two Fyrewild dragons. They were interested in the Sanctuary, and in the Adoption agency. But, when Dragonmaid mentioned the hard time we were having with the dragons finding mates, the two were astonished."

"It seems, that each sanctuary Dragon has a fated mate from the time of conception - maybe even before! Some dragons hatch with the clear knowledge of whom they were supposed to be with - others are completely clueless. If left to their own devices, Sanctuary Dragons can usually find their 'soul-mate' but sometimes they do get it wrong."

"Dragonmaid was at first amazed, and then almost horrified at the wrong that could be occuring. Silenced by her shock, the two Fyrewilds told her not to worry, and that there was a way to find out the mates that she could take with her, back to the Sanctuary."

The Soul~Mate Orb "Relief flooded over her, and the Fyrewilds lead her to a cavern filled with crystal-like orbs. Directing her to a certain area of the cavern, Dragonmaid noticed that when the two dragons passed the orbs, they would glow and hum pleasantly. When asked, they told her that they were in fact a mated couple, and that this was how you 'checked'. They pulled a loose orb from among the masses, and gave it to Dragonmaid."

"So, you can see, there is actually a special way that the dragons can find their mates. Dragonmaid, still, likes the idea of them finding their own way - and she just guiding them a little. But, since she has often stressed to some of the draogns and their adoptive parents the need to find a mate - and then has not been notified or anything of the like, then she has decided that she shall inform them of their fated partners if they don't seek them out on their own accord once they have reached adulthood."

"If this isn't really clear to you, then you can contact Dragonmaid and she'll try and clarify it for you. Also, if you would like to be informed of your dear's mate, then simply ask her to try the orb, and she'll let you know!"

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