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Adopt a Castle Cat

Welcome to Castle Cats - from where you can adopt a cat like Fluffikins!

There are some simple rules to follow though:
1. - Don't link directly to the image
2. - You must have a Website
3. - You must sign the Guestbook, don't just take them!
4. - You must link back to my site! A banner is available.
6. - You must promise to look after your little Cat!

Now, that wasn't too hard was it?

Linking to my site?
Well, the Url is and you can use the following banner:

right click for PCs and Hold down the button for Macs!

Read my Dreambook!
Sign my Dreambook!

Choose your Cat!

An award?
All sites look nice with awards, and so you can take this one (save it - don't link to it!) along with your little Castle Cat! Please link it to this site - - !

Bex's Happy Cat Award

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