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Welcome to Bex's Castle of Dreams
Bex Hello, and welcome to my Castle. My name is Bex, and I own this humble piece of the web. The castle is mainly devoted to my Cyber pets, but it may - one day - have more. If you want to know a little more about me, plus pics, click here! Wanna see photos from the Music for Youth Concert that I was in in May? Click here!

Want to adopt a Castle Cat? Click Here!

Here is a list of the pets I have adopted:

Veblyan and Vomenbre - Dragons
Duenna and Darklyn - Twin Dragons
Juno - Cat
A School of Danios - Fish
Bubbles - Furry (cat)
Sootica - Cat
My Hamsters - Hamsters
Confucious & Fluffikins - Owl & Cat
Candyland Lollypops! - Lollipops
Sreeni & Sula - Bears
Xiouyu - Chinese New Year Faerie
Mistletoe - Ghost
Ke'ala & Family - Happy Faced Spiders
Schulkah - Senoch
My Smiles - Smiles
Cooldude & Bozo - Stars
Sandy - Pretty Pig
Perky - West Highland White Terrier
Slouch - Newfoundland
Rufus - Penguin
Catherine - Kitten
Beat & One - Hearts
Keelasp - Dragon
Calamansi - Minidragon
Genesis - Gryphon
Eno, Neves, Theig & Enin - Breath Mints
Red Gameboy Pocket - Pocket Gameboy
Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper & Serge - Soft Drinks
Regen & Bluey - Chameleons
Cartman - South Park Kid
Lovehatch - Dragon
Steve, Stevie, Steven, Stevenne & Steved - Giraffes
Mulder's Love - Strand of Scully's Hair
Irisnograd - Dragon
Pal, CP, Stony & Space-Bun - Horses
Pastel, Pica, Pokah, Purple & Peg - Pegasi

Learn about the Symbolism of the Cat. You know that more stuff I was talking about? Where here's a bit of it! ;) And check out my links to Cyber Adoption Linklists, with a bit about each and their content etc.

Here's some cool stuff that Nett found around the place:
Short Story Writer - it writes a story based on stuff you input.
Reflex Tester - test how fast your reflexes are!
Past Life Informer - tells you who you were in a past life...
Age Counter - write in you DOB and it'll tell you how old you are in days, hours, minutes and seconds!!

Dacone - the Guardian of Pets (& Animals) Left is Dacone, she is the guardian of pets and animals, and she came here when Dragonmaid told her of my castle. She actually came here from Amanda's Castle, where you can adopt web-guardians, and she says making the transition from one castle to another wasn't that much of a drain. She loves all the animals and creatures that live in the Castle of Dreams, and welcomes each new one with open arms.

You are traveller number to take shelter in my Castle.

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© Bex (Rebecca Staker)1998-99
- with thanks to Dragonmaid for putting up my site, setting up my pages, drawing the little pic of me, and generally doing stuff