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Duenna and Darklyn's Lair

Darklyn FyrefateDuenna Fyrefate

Cindine - Guardian of Twins and Clones
Duenna and Darklyn were adopted from Sanctuary Adoptions. They are lovely identical twin yellow and purple dragons, and are both very playful. Left, is Cindine. She came the Castle of Dreams with Dacone, because she heard that there were twins living here. She was expecting two dragonets, but Duenna and Darklyn were so kind and friendly to her, she stayed on. She hopes to care for any young that the two dragons may have with their mates in the future.

Their full-names are Duenna and Darklyn Fyrefate, and although they are now adults, they will never look older than they do now. These two are on the lookout for prospective mates who were also adopted from the Sanctuary, but it does not take up all of their time. Duenna is female, Darklyn male. Sanctuary dragons get their gender from the conditions outside their egg, Dragonmaid supposes that Duenna must have been absorbing all of the warmth, and that is why Darklyn is male - but she also knows that the temperature factor does not always work, and they may have already have had their genders when adopted.

Darklyn loves green - it's his favourite colour, and can often be found wathing the trees around the castle, and rolling about on the lawns. He really loves nature, and the outdoors - we catch him conversing with birds, squirrels, and cats all of the time. Duenna, on the other hand, seems to like the great indoors, and often stares poutily out the window. She is very sweet, but sometimes she seems to have a little malicious streak about her - when a dragonet she called her jack in the box Jack the Ripper - and you often think that she is scheming something, but then she snaps out of it and starts happily playing or talking with her brother. So far, this mean side of her has never really surfaced and she has remained happy like she was when a little dragonet.

Duenna and Darklyn are the first Dragons ever to be adopted from Sanctuary Adoptions - not that me being best friends with Dragonmaid had anything to do with it. As the first, and the first twins ever to be adopted as well, Dragonmaid bestowed beds and toys and Nomai and Iamon - pet fish - upon the little first-borns. To get such items - for free - just go to DS's Baby Caring Tools, and you can automatically save some, or ask Dragonmaid to custom make you some! Now that Duenna and Darklyn are adults, they are keeping their toys for their young, if and when they have any. Since their beds were custom made, they didn't need to change them, because Dragonmaid already knew how big they would grow to be.

Darklyn's BedNomai and Iamon - D&D's FishDuenna's Bed

Jack the Ripper - Duenna's Old Jack in the boxToshi - Darklyn's Old TeddyNaem - Duenna's Old TeddyDarklyn's Old Yoyo

Duenna and Darklyn's egg

Duenna was adopted from Sanctuary Adoptions


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