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This is the home of Genesis, and maybe his mate - Omega - who are both Gryphons - though Skan (from whom Genesis and Omega originated) sometimes writes it Griffon.

Genesis is a Battler. Going into the battles is, in the words of Skan, a good game that does not hurt the gryphon in any way. They love this game to strech their talons. The Gryphons get sent in, and then they are pitted against one of Skan's champions. The champ has a number from 2 to so on - getting tougher the higher the number - Skan gets out some dice (depending on the champion number) and then the battle begins. The way I understand it, if I pick a number 3 champ to go against, Skan gets out one die. She rolls it once, and if it lands on 3 or less Skan's Gryphon wins. But if the rolled number is higher than 3 then Genesis (or Omega) wins. The cool thing is, if anyone goes up against Skan's "high champion" Massive Attack and wins, then they get an award!!

Genesis's Stats:
color: purple
gender: male
name: Genesis
name of owner: Bec
mate: Omega
wins: unknown at present...

Adopt your own Gryphon from Skan!


© Bex (Rebecca Staker)1998