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Stargem's Hamster Adoption Centre

Sheba : Welcome. This is the hamster adoption centre. You may adopt as many hamsters as you want.

Here are the rules for adopting your hamster:

You can use either of these graphics to link my page:

Remember you have to right click the graphic and save it to your hard disk and then put it on your page. Do NOT direct link it. I will be very upset with you if you do and yes, it also means no hamster.

I know these rules are a bother to go by but my hamsters need to know that they are going to good and happy homes where they'll be cared for. This is also to prevent hamster-napping and bad people from doing bad things to the innocent hamsters.

When you have adopted your hamster, don't forget to check out the breeding program! And make sure you check out da list. ^_-

I have put a sample below. If you like it and want one, e-mail meor my assistants Finster or Katie with this information:

NEW!NEW!NEW! Check out the Drawing Contest!

I have *finally* put up a proper guestbook ^_^ Would you be so kind as to sign it? Please use this one instead of the counter's one. It'll be a lot easier on me. Thanks ^_^

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