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Dictionary Definitions

This is a list of Definitions of Fantasy and Myth that were looked up to see if they could put any defining line between the two.

If you Have meanings to add here: just email me with the subject:MIFREALM Definitions. Please add your dictionaries name and date of printing. Also, if you have any thoughts based on these definitions, then don't hesitate to send them and they will be put up here asap.

The Books of Words
Collins Gem Australian English Dictionary
The Maquarie Dictionary
The Junior School Dictionary
Microsoft Encarta 96 Dictionary
The Penguin Pocket English Dictionary
The Reader's Digest Great Encyclopaedic Dictionary
The World Book Dictionary

imagination unrestricted by reality; farfetched notion; daydream; fiction with a large fantasy content
tale with supernatural characters, usually of how the world & mankind began; imaginary person or object
- Collins Gem
Australian English Dictionary


imagination, especially when unrestrained; the forming of grotesque mental images; a mental image, esp. grotesque; an imaginative sequence fulfilling a psychological need; a daydream; a hallucination; a supposition based on no solid founadtion; a visionary idea; caprice; whim; an ingenious or odd thought, design or invention
a traditional story, usually concerning some supernatural being or some alleged person or event
- The Maquarie DICTIONARY

to imagine in a visionary manner: to take a fancy or liking to
a purely ficticious narrative usually involving supernatural persons, action, or events & embodying some popular idea concerning natural or historical phenomene. Often used vaguely to include any narrative having ficticious elements; a ficticious or imaginary person or object
-'The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary
on Historical Principles'
Volume 1. A-M
entries actually from 1600's up to 1900

A story of long ago about which no one knows the truth.
- Junior School Dictionary

fancy; an image, delusion or phantasm; a whimsical mood; a free exercise of imagination
a traditional tale; a widely believed story of doubtful truth; such storied collectively
- The Book of Words
A-F & G-Q

a play of the mind, product of the imagination , fancy; a picture existing only in the mind, any strange mental image or illusion, A daydream is fantasy. I talk of dreams, Which are the children of an idle brain, Begot of nothing but vain fantasy - Shakespeare; a wild, stramge fancy; a caprice, whim
a legend or story, usually one that attempts to account for something in nature. Most myths express a religious belief of a people and are of unknown origin; such stories collectively, the realm of Myth; any invented story; a made up person or thing; a belief, opinion or the theory that is not based on fact or reality (should this be scientific fact or reality? - Nett)
- The World Book Dictionary
A-K & L-Z

unrestricted creative imagination, fancy; imagination fiction or drama characterized esp by strange, unrealistic, or grotesque elements; (the power or process of creating) a usually extravagant mental image or daydream
a traditional story that embodies popular beliefs or explains a practice, belief, or natural phenemenon; a parable, allegory; a person or thing having a ficticious existence; a belief subscribed to uncritically by an (interested) group
- The Penguin
Pocket English Dictionary


Image-making faculty, esp when extravagant or visionary; mental image; fantastic design; whimsical speculation
Ficticious (primitive) tale, usually involving supernatural persons, embodying some popular idea concerning natural or historical phenomena; ficticious person or object
- The Reader's Digest
Great Encyclopaedic Dictionary

A-L & M-Z

The creative Imagination; A product of Fancy, illusion; a delusion; Fiction marked by highly fanciful elements; a daydream
A traditional story dealing with supernatural beings, ancestors or heroes that serves as a primordial type in the world view of a people; a fiction or half truth; a ficticious story, person or thing
- Microsoft Encarta 96 Dictionary

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