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Fantasy and Myth Links

Most of these links offer small amounts of information on the "Myth in Fantasy" topic, but they are very good fantasy resources.  The Mythological Sites are very informative on their chosen myths, but offer little to none on the topic.
A lot of the sites listed here are owned or maintained by people who took the time to help me out, please visit them as they all do have something interesting to say.
Max's Fantasy Art Studio

British Fantasy Linklist

Cinnamon's Fantasy_Mythological Beings

Fantasy art of Elfwood
- This site is a must on this topic, go to their FARP page

Goblin's Fantasy Stuff

Larry Elmore - Fantasy Virtual Gallery - A Mythological Fantasy style

Modern Fantasy Link Exchange

Sci-Fi and Fantasy JPG

Steve Jackson's Abandon Art

The Mind's Eye

The Ultimate Fantasy Collection

World Fantasy Convention

Worlds of Wonder

Canton Museum of Art

ImageNETion presents Joseph Linsner

Alternate Realities in Art and Thought

Carla G Sindle Symbolic Expressionism

Joseph Cambell Foundation

The Art search and Research page

MIND-LINES: Art for The Mind's Eye, M C POIRIER

Nitehawk's Lair

Mystical Wandering

Realm Silveyrna

Elfwood Amatuer Fantasy/Sci-Fi Art Galleries

Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts

Gods, Goddesses and Myths

Myths and Legends - Frames Version
- No Frames Version

Mythology Sites

UCLA Folklore and Mythology Archives

Boris Vallejo based:   This guy's work is on of the first things that got me thinking about this topic

Artwork of Boris Vallejo

Directory of _pub_pictures_fantasy_Boris.Vallejo

World of Art - Boris Vallejo

If you have an site that you think could be listed here, have information about one of the above sites, or know of a suitable site that could be listed, please email me

Dragonmaid's Sanctuary - Home of the STHC

-As I close my eyes, the dragon awakes-

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