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Adopt a Ryan Dragon

These dragons were conjured by Ryan, and the Dragonmaid herself. They may be adopted however, the following rules must be complied to:

  1. You must sign the Guestbook and let us know that you're adopting
  2. They must be given a good home
  3. You must not tamper with them at all - we took a long time 'making' them and you didn't
  4. You must provide a link back here (preferably with the banner), so others can adopt
  5. You must atleast give them a name, and write a few lines about them
  6. Do not link directly to the dragons, we will be changing the file names, and replacing them with something you may not like...
  7. You can adopt as many as you like, as long as you abide by the other rules

Save this banner and put it on the same page as your dragon(s) Save this banner and put it on the same page as your dragon(s)

Want to get a dragon? then just click here!

You are dragonseeker numberto adopt a Ryan Dragon

Read my Dreambook!
Sign my Dreambook!

Sanctuary Adoptions
If you'd like to adopt an Unique dragon, go to Dragonmaid's "Sanctuary Adoptions."
She's always got competitions on so you can win a Sanctuary Dragon,
and you are very likely to adopt twins!

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