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Adopted Sanctuary Dragons

Gemma shows you an address book of dragons, she clears her throat:

"This is a list of all of the dragons that have been adopted from Sanctuary Adoptions, please feel free to visit any of them, they are listed in order of adoption. The ones with a little * next to them are ones that have recieved an award for their dragon's lair or weyr."

Dragon Family Gender Colour Parents Adoptive
(identical twin)
Fyrefate Female Yellow & Purple N/A Bex
(identical twin)
Fyrefate Male Yellow & Purple N/A Bex
Mirri Fyrejewel Female Purebred Pink N/A Amberflame
Skaara Fyrefate Male Yellow & Red N/A Amberflame
Fyrejewel Female Purebred Red
N/A Czarina Naelia
Fyrejewel Female Blue & Pink N/A Czarina Naelia
Fyrefate Female Blue & Green
N/A Sarin
Fyrefate Female Blue & Orange N/A Sarin
Printatt Fyrejewel Female Green & Pink
N/A Rinmara
Fyrejewel Female Orange & Pink N/A Thori
Fyrejewel Female Purebred Green N/A Thori
Fyrejewel Male Green & Blue N/A Thori
*Wyshonnaranebo Fyrespirit Female Purebred Purple N/A Rustiyania
Paulo Fyrefate Male Pink & Purple N/A Angela
Black Rainbow Wysh Fyregold Male Red & Black N/A Rustiyania
Fyrespirit Female Purple & Orange N/A Genevieve P
Fyrespirit Male Purebred Black N/A Genevieve P
Corwyn Fyregold Male Blue & Orange N/A Space Pirate (Severin)
Aeris Fyregold Female Yellow & Orange N/A Space Pirate (Severin)
Starlite Fyrespirit Female Red & Orange N/A Myrror

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