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About Bex!

HI! So, you want to know more about me, huh? Well, I'm 6'3", brunette, female obviously and I live in country South Australia. My car (which was stolen recently - can you believe it?!?!) is a little white, manual Datsun. I like shopping, though I get depressed when I can't find anything cause I'm too tall, and I lurve my cats! Monty (a Russian Blue) and Chester - his real name? Chester Lee Modra Cavity. They're both, as my friend Nett puts it, eunuchs, and they're really cute! Though, Chester has started peeing in boxes for some weird reason... Me, Me, Me! In Nett's room

I adore chatting - my handle being bec. My old fave room was the ChaTour in Indiatime but now I'm a regular at Optichat. Optichat has more options, and you can whisper to people, which I'm not sorry to say I do regularly.

I also love getting email, and I've got email buddies from all over. So if you're looking for someone to send emails to, I'm your gal!!. My address is and if you tell me where you heard of me from and a little about yourself, I'm sure we'll get on fine!

The drawn pics are of me and my friend Nett, who sometimes goes under the handle of Dragonmaid. Yes, this is actually how tall she is next to me, and boy does she ever feel short! Her most recent shoe purchase has a heel of around 4" and she's still 7" shorter than me! =P Me, Me, Me, and more me!

Anyway, she's the one who set up all these pages, and drew these little pics of us, after visiting Amanda's Castle! I wasn't sure whether or not I wanted a website, but she loves making them and adopting things, and most things that she adopts don't fit on her sites, so I let her set this up for me. Some think this is a pretty dumb site, others love it, and I don't mind at all. Some of this stuff is pretty cool anyway. =)

These two photos are of, of course, me! The little one on the left is a self portrait - good, huh? The other one Nett took of me. I'm a total babe, right?!! Not! So, all yous who wanted to see a pic of me, there ya are!


© Bex (Rebecca Staker)1998-99