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CalamansiFlitling - Calamansi's best mate!

This is Calamansi, and she is a forest minidragon. She was adopted from Skan's 5* Adoptions. Calamansi is names after a certain fruit that is rather sour, and green. Although she isn't sour in the least, she is green, and she is really cute, which no one can deny. Her best friend is Flitling, a little hummingbird. The two tiny little creatures have hours of fun racing throughout the halls and corridoors of the Castle, and have found numerous secret passages and cracks together.

Mini dragons need to find homes quickly, and be settled quickly - within two days of adoption actually! - otherwise they get depressed and are considered abandoned. Luckily, Calamansi has found the Castle a very pleasant place to live!

Adopt your own Minidragon from Skan!


© Bex (Rebecca Staker)1998