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Music for Youth Photos!

From the 6th to the 8th of May, I took part in a Music Concert. So, here are some pics.

Chris attempting to play Sax...
Chris Mardell, trying to be that trippy guy who could play the saxaphone upside down... Did he get a note out? I don't think so! =)
Brad's best Darryl Somers impersonation...
Brad - who is a total clarinetist - trying his darndest to play the drums without sticks.
Rachel's new trick...
Rachel discovered a new way to play the clarinet.
Me and Travis Parry!!
This is me with Travis Parry - the local Newsreader that I think is a legend! Hi Trav!!

a bigger, pic of me with Travis! <bg>
See, it may be a crud picture, but he's almost as tall as me!! YAY!


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