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Pica Pastel
Pastel, Pica, Pokah, Purple & Peg
Pokah Purple


Pastel, Pica, Pokah, Purple & Pegare all Pegasi adopted from Nightstorm Stables. They are all a little to pastelly in appearance, except for Peg of course, but still. They're all ver nice creatures, and offer rides to whom-so-ever should need one. I've plied their services often enough to go visiting. They've become invaluable, both as friends to other creatures, and are great morale boosters. Their grace in the sky is actually amazing - not like flying cows which seem a little too ungainly to travel in such a fashion.

Nightstorm Stables


© Bex (Rebecca Staker)1998
Rebecca loves John, Lynnette's flatmates' best friend... (April '99)