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Schulkah of the Kowatl Clan

Click on the door to see Schulkah, or click on the little Senoch baby at the bottom of the page to adopt your own Senoch!

In order to adopt a senoch, I had to take the Senoch Pledge:

I, Bex, do hereby solemnly swear to care for my senoch to the best of my ability. I promise to treat it with the respect due all living creatures and sentient beings.
1. I will not put my senoch on a page with obscene or disrespectful material. This means my page is totally PG.
2. I will not alter my senoch or clone it. That's illegal (I think). Also,putting up senochs for adoption is not allowed. ONLY the Official Senoch Adoption Agency can do that.
3. I will link my senoch back to the adoption agency.
4. I will not make my senoch watch "Baywatch." That constitutes cruel and unusual punishment.
5. If I see someone who breaks any of the above rules, I'll send them a mean letter or something like that. Let them know that senoch abuse is WRONG!
I agree to follow the above statements to the best of my ability. I realize that I am not permanantly responsable for my senoch's welfare. If I decide not to host it anymore, the senoch is capable of returning home. All these things I have read and agree with.

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© Bex (Rebecca Staker)1998