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Schulkah's Home

FlitlingSchulkah Schulkah's Fave MealSchulkah's Toys Schulkah's Antique Couch

When I adopted my Senoch, I went through a special test to see what kind of Senoch would be right for me. My results were for the Kowatl Clan, from Which Schulkah comes, and this is what they said about my personality:

You're a confident leader, but sometimes impulsive and may lead friends into trouble. Your celestial body is Mars. The Kowatl clan fits your personality.

Schulkah is very happy in his new home, and we're glad! His little house is actually outside the castle, although in the grounds. His palm tree grows inside, and his little friend Flitling, the Hummingbird, always flies in and out, sleeping on Schulkah's footstool. I got the things in his home from the Senoch adoption agency, so as to make sure I got the exact right stuff. So, the most comfortable place for a Senoch to sleep or sit seemed to be on an antique chair, so I got one shipped from the agency. Also, with a little research, and Schulkah's appetite, I found that this meal of fresh salad of with fresh kiwi, mango, and meridian fruit slices, steaming hot pepper-n-pineapple kabobs are sweet and slightly blackened. For desert, Schulkah loves these fresh cucumber slices, drizzled in honey, with crystalized violet blossoms. Schulkah's fave drink is icy-cool mint water, which isn't too hard to rustle up, as there is a wild plantation (well it was a patch, but got out of control) in the castle garden of mint.


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