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Cooldude and Bozo!

Cooldude Star Bozo Star

This is Cooldude and Bozo! They came this way via Danielle's Star Adoption Agency. According to Danielle, her star's are not like those that you see in the sky, rather they are baby stars and need people's care and support. She says that they bring luck in different ways and try their hardest to grant your wishes, and that they live billions of years so they will be young throughout most people's, well the adoptees', lifetime. Her stars are bursting with energy just waiting for people to adopt them! just drop on over there and get one of her beauties! I'm sure the'd love it at your place!

A bit about Cooldude and Bozo? Well, Cooldude, is exactly that, though he is a bit of a yuppie. Bozo is probably the funniest Castle jester I've got, and although Cooldude tries to fane annoyance with him, Bozo's hysterical personality "shines through" and even Cooldude has to chuckle now and then!


© Bex (Rebecca Staker)1998