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what will my dragon look like??
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© Lynnette Faggotter 1998-2000

If you wish to know the the intricacies or the interesting things about the dragons, all you need do is read the following!

First of all, if you are thinking that the dragons look young, this is as old, in appearance, as they will ever get. The same goes for all Sanctuary Dragons - this is why Sega is the STHC mascot, even though she is near adult. But, they are of different colours, even though the first dragons of my family that came to the Sanctuary were either red or green.

The colour of the egg has little to do with what color the hatchling will be, but the opposite can also be true. It is all genetic and quite often a certain egg colour will run in the family. The colour and markings of dragons are decided by a genetic theory - much like predicted chance. This is the way many dragons are coloured, but Dragonmaid first saw it at Amberflames Domain when adopting a firedragon.

Regarding to the dragon's gender, it sometimes occurs that it can be determined by you. The temperature conditions you put the egg under often effects the baby's sex. The hotter it is kept, the more likey you will get a female, and vice versa. So, if you are planning on a boy, place the egg in a comfortable, slightly chilled place. For a female, warm to hot sand is a good idea, but not essential. At the Sanctuary, we keep the temperature fairly 'neutral' so that gender is basically chance.

If you really want to know the way in which the dragon's colours and or markings (if any) were originally decided. Well to ascertain colour (of which there are many) random numbers from 1-6 are used. 1-2 constitute a dark color, 3-4 a bright, and 5-6 a light. After that two sets of a choice of nine colors is determined via a dartlike procedure. 1-7 are the colours of the rainbow, and 8-9 are black and white. Two of the same color gives you a pure color - which is very, very rare. These color choices can be recessive or dominant - depending on parents - and albino dragons and other 'anomolies' can occur.

Markings often did not occur, if you wanted special markings (a single symbol, a dotted dragon, stripes, a 'motif' of some kind of object) then details of how to obtain them before hatching occurs was be forwarded to you. But, as things have now changed around here, marked dragons - and special dragons like the Fyrewyld breed became more popular and apparent - have become easier to attain.

Multiple Births:
Twins (Triplets and even quadruplets) also can occur - especially when it be least expected. The more hatchlings in the egg though, the smaller the dragons will be. We did have a case of 5 dragons hatching from the same egg. These young were very, very small, and it was touch and go as to whether or not they would survive. Twins etc also be determined via the nine choice method, and can also be hereditary. The more sets of twins in your dragon's ancestry, the more likely it is for you to have them. There is no set way however of determining twins, and two dragons from completely different families can look identical.