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Veblyan and Vomenbre's VeblyanVomembre Weyr

Here be Veblyan and Vomenbre. They are dragons adopted from Sarina's Dragon Orphanage at TheSiteFights.

Veblyan is very shy, and she is still a very young babe. Vomenbre (whose name is derived from November which is the month in which these two were adopted and my birthday month) is very protective of Velyan, hence his aggressive stance. He doesn't like anyone to make Veblyan cry, and is very wary of those that enter they're Weyr.

Veblyan and Vomenbre do not have adoption certificates at the moment, and it seems that it may take some time to get them. But, if you would like ot adopt a dragon or dragons like Veblyan and Vomenbre, just give either of them a pat, and they'll take you right to their orphanage!

Here are Veblyan and Vomenbre's Beds, and some of the things in their horde. Veblyan is very frightened of their jack-in-the-box, but loves the toy car.

Veblyan's CribVomenbre's Crib

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Cribs custom made at Dragonmaid's Sanctuary in the Baby caring tools
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