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This is the original message sent out to various people on the net, with the subject "Fantasy Art with Mythological themes???":

My name is Lynnette Faggotter, and I'm a Senior Art student at Gladstone High School in South Australia. For my art major objectives, I must study one topic in-depth for the whole year. I chose to study "Where 'Mythological art' ends and Fantasy art begins." Throughout the year I have been collecting information from a very wide range of resources (from libraries, galleries, CD-ROM, and the internet), but I have not been able to find anything that really addresses the issue.

I have narrowed the topic down to trying to find out why artworks (and even texts, novels, games and the like) focussing on Mythological themes (and sometimes even titled with a Myth, Boris Vallejo's Icarus for example) are categorised as Fantasy art.

I would be very interested in your ideas, and/or if you can point me in the direction of any relevant information, it would be ecstatically appreciated. Information from 'people in the know' is an extremely valuable resource, and I thankyou for ANYTHING at all.

Surprisingly, apart from the frustrating lack of information (well, lack of informative content that I have found so far), I have really become interested in this subject, and I've gotten a lot of other people mulling over the question.

Thankyou for you time!

Lynnette Faggotter
Year 12 Student

I've now finished High School - I'm well into my first year at University Study for a Bachelor of Visual Communication - and the project (for which I got 97% - thanks everyone!) is now finished. But, although this is true, your contributions are more than apprecitated.
Please use the same subject as was sent originally (or with at least "Myths-Fantasy"), and your contribution shall be added as soon as is possibly possible.

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