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Win an Award

Gemma takes you to a slightly smaller carvern. It does not contain much, except for a lone gold plaque upon a wall.

"This is the gold 'Caring Dragon Parent' award. Dragonmaid devised it when she visited Mylona and Kuma's Lair, and was touched by what was diplayed there. If you adopt a dragon from Sanctuary Adoptions, you could win this award. It goes to Dragon adopters who show a lot of caring and/or attentiveness to their Sanctuary Dragon. There's now a different kind of award system - though this one is still in action - where if Dragonmaid is particularly touched or impressed by the lair - she'll make a special award for you. She's already done this once, and is planning on doing it more often!"

Gemma directs you to a tunnel that seems to have a bubble over the entrance. You look at her quizicly, "It's okay, just some magic that we conjured up, it's a doorway that takes you wherever you'd like to go, only we somehow got it stuck on Mylona and Kuma's Lair. So, we moved it in here. Notice the cuts around it's edges?"

You approach the tunnel entrance, and sure enough you see that it is simply propped against the wall.

"If you'd like to see what first spurred Dragonmaid to create this award, then just go in here."

Gemma takes you to a table in the corner that you did not notice before, "If you would like to apply for the award, then please email Dragonmaid with the following information. There will be more awards coming, so if you do fill in the form then your site will be reviewed for them when they are created."

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