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MIFREALM - the Myth in Fantasy Realm

Welcome to MIFREALM, the myth in Fantasy Resource and Information site

This site has been inspired by the lack of easily accesible information about these topics, a year long art project that was fraught with resource problems, and a love for this type of art and subject matter. Once completed, this site will hopefully be a useful resource for Myth and Fantasy related topics, with a large bank of information addressing the following question:

Where does Mythological Art end and Fantasy art begin?
and, more clearly:

Why are artworks with clear Mythological themes (and often titles)
classified as Fantasy Art?

This site will also include a literary element, which will also address Fantasy and Mythological topics.

This page is constantly under construction, which is a good thing. But somethings may be unavailable at present, sorry for any inconvenience.

The links page points you in the direction of a comprehensive list of related sites, all with information used and accessed during the research of the art project. Many of the webmasters of these sites have very kindly submitted their own vies on the major topic above, and some of these are available for viewing.

The dictionary definition page is a compilation of dictionary meanings of the words Fantasy and Myth. These give a clear definition of the two words, and several assumptions or points can be made just by looking at the technical terms. Hopefully, this page will eventually include points derived from these meanings.

A book list should soon be available, although it will be very skinny, as at present, very few books seem to address this topic. If you know of, or can suggest any, please contact me with the information.

My final report from my art project is up, and you can view it from the Information page. I got a 97% everyone!!

Thankyou for viewing this site, please bookmark (Ctrl+D) this site for future reference.

If you have any queries,comments, or would like to contribute your own view, then please do not hesitate to
email me.

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